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  UniSay develops advanced speech analysis technology that optimizes the media production workflow. The company provides proprietary services to media professionals who create and deliver film, television, radio and multimedia content.
  At the core of UniSay's patent pending innovations lies a unique methodology for analyzing, manipulating and re-creating speech. UniSay has leveraged its development efforts to deliver a suite of animation, broadcast and post-production industry related applications. Services now available include creation of animation x-sheets; subtitling files for closed and open captioning; dialog files for dubbing and voice-overs; and meta-indexing of media files.
  The Company's business model is based on offering customers a low cost, fast turn around and accurate alternative to the current manual, slow and relatively inaccurate speech analysis, timing and speech translation services. UniSayÂ�s automated service, allows customer to upload files for processing and download the results. Payments for services are automatically calculated and debited by the e-commerce platform.
  UniSay, was founded in February 2003. UniSay's team has several years experience in the digital media industry, and a track record of delivering large-scale, automated systems to global technology leaders such as: Microsoft, Intel, Avid Technologies, Cisco Systems, Sharp Electronics and JVC Corporation.