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  UniSay helps increase efficiency of a studio operations by preparing timecoded scripts automatically, and providing synchronized teleprompter software for use during recording sessions.
  Using Dialog online service before a recording session:
  • Dialogue transcript and matching audio track are uploaded to UniSay Cloud services.

  • Proprietary engine analyzes and processes files.

  • New timecoded file is created and available for download (synchronized text with video).

  • If translation services are required, the original script can be translated by UniSay (using automated machine translation and human proofreaders), synchronized and opened in UniSay Dialog for dubbing recording.
  Using Dialog client software during recording session:
  • Synchronized script file, and corresponding video file are opened in UniSay Dialog for playback in teleprompter mode on a monitor visible to voice talent.

  • Control of playback can be given to voice talent or operated by studio director. Synchronization can be internal or slave to DAW (digital workstation), with a click of a button.
  UniSay AudioSuite plugin
  UniSay AudioSuite plugin streamlines audio transfers between Avid/Digidesign applications and all UniSay solutions.
Typically, voice talent is required to 'estimate' the timing of the dialogue during a recording session, while viewing the video on screen. Several trial runs are often required.
UniSay creates timed script files in advance of recording sessions, allowing directors to set reasonable parameters for synchronization. Voice talent uses UniSay software teleprompter to view synchronized script.