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UniSay's technologies, and seven pending patents, are based on an advanced application of the MPEG-7 standard. Our proprietary algorithms provide for the most sophisticated and granular media analysis available in any solution.
  MPEG-7 is an ISO/IEC standard developed by MPEG (Moving Picture Experts Group), comprised of experts representing broadcasters, electronics manufacturers, content creators and managers, publishers, intellectual property rights managers, telecommunication service providers and academia. The MPEG-7 standard, formally named "Multimedia Content Description Interface", provides a rich set of standardized tools to describe multimedia content.
  MPEG-1, -2, and -4 are media compression technologies designed to make content available for delivery and viewing. However, MPEG-7 is not about compression; it is about further describing the media (the data about the data). Think of it as "metadata on steroids".
  MPEG-7 was developed to enable more robust systems for indexing, tracking and manipulating rich media content than has traditionally been available. UniSay is one of the first digital media software developers to fully take advantage of this new standard, and offer its clients these capabilities within its automated services.
  Traditionally, information was limited to basic metadata (e.g. title, copyright, and genre); however, leveraging the MPEG-7 standard, UniSay's proprietary 64bit MPEG-7 algorithmic analysis is able to define the minute components that collectively are the media itself. In the case of audio files, UniSay analyzes 17 different physical layers (e.g. pitch, harmonics, dynamics, noise issuances, timings, prosody). These large datasets are then used to create relationships, comparatives and extrapolations about the media in the preparation of translated and synchronized dialogue files, subtitles and caption files, and track-breakdown and lip assignment files.
More information about MPEG-7 can be found at the MPEG-7 ISO website, and the MPEG Industry Forum website. These web pages contain links to a wealth of information about MPEG, including much about MPEG-7, many publicly available documents, several lists of Frequently Asked Questions and links to other MPEG-7 web pages.
  Meta-Indexer Engine
  UniSay's Meta-Indexer engine is an automated metadata "crosswalk" that provides unique mapping abilities of metadata between industry standard formats.
  Dublin Core
  AVID MetaSync
Coming soon:
  SMPTE 377M
  EBU P/Meta
  Meta-Indexer engine enables multifaceted search and retrieval for content located on web servers, in-house servers, or distributed via other medium. Files processed through the Meta-Indexer engine are available in standard XML format.
  Output schemas for Meta-Indexer are fully standards compliant and provide direct integration with current database cataloguing.
  Meta-Indexer creates value by enabling efficient content acquisition and distribution. It provides seamless integration of content management between various parties.
Unisay Asset Manager allows for open scalability and 24 hour global access. With integrated Meta-Indexer engine, clients can utilize their current cataloguing standards without investing in new software or manual conversion practices.
  Phoneme & Viseme Timing
  UniSay's Phoneme and Viseme Timing technology enables the creation of lookup tables of phonemes used in a media file, and their corresponding visemes, resulting in a timed list, that can be analyzed and reproduced for a variety of related applications.
  Timed Language Presentation
UniSay's Timed Language Presentation technology generates a file containing a description of words and phoneme length timings that can be used in a variety of presentation applications. This is accomplished by using audio/video files and a corresponding script as input, and utilizing a text-to-speech process, along with UniSay's proprietary algorithm analysis.
  Phoneme Extraction
  UniSay's Phoneme Extraction technology is an innovative process for quickly and accurately extracting the phonemes from an audio track and corresponding script to be used in several of UniSay's automated services.