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Reseller Program    
  UniSay is happy to announce the launch of its UniSay Reseller Program, currently available to the Avid and Digidesign reseller community. Resellers can now provide increased value to their clients, while generating revenue for themselves.
  Everyone Benefits
  Participants in the UniSay Reseller Program benefit financially when clients enter their vendor code, and earn goodwill when their clients receive bonus credits. UniSay resellers get all of the advantages, without the hassles - no overhead, no stock, and no shipping.
  Each qualified UniSay reseller is assigned a unique vendor code. The reseller gives this code to clients who may benefit from UniSay services. When clients purchase credits for UniSay services, they are prompted to enter a vendor code. By entering a code, the client receives additional credits and the reseller receives compensation in their UniSay reseller account.
  Resellers ready to get started receiving the many benefits from the UniSay Reseller Program, can complete the application form.
  UniSay Services
  • Timestamping text (audio-transcript alignment)
  • Language Translation (machine and human)
  • Transcription (human)
  • Closed caption files (for use with hardware encoders)
  • Closed and open caption AVI (for use in MS Windows NLE)
  • Closed and open caption MOV (for use in Macintosh NLE)
  • DVD files (for use in DVD authoring applications)
  • Avid MetaSync files (for use in Avid NLE)
  • SAMI file (for use in streaming video via Web)
  • RTF file (for printable hardcopy)
  • Animation exposure sheets -Animation lip assignment
  UniSay Reseller Guide (.pdf)
  UniSay Reseller Application Form