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  UniSay offers a suite of automated solutions for media professionals. Solutions range from track reading and translation, to closed captioning, subtitling and dubbing.
  At the core of UniSay�s offering is its Web services:
  • Time Stamping and Segmentation (synchronized transcript with audiovisuals)
  • MPEG-7 Indexing (MXF compliant)
  • Asset Management
  • Language Translation
  UniSay has designed a variety of software applications to take advantage of its automated Web services including: UniSay Subtitler, UniSay Dialog and UniSay TrackReader.
  UniSay Asset Manager provides an asset management system that archives files processed through UniSay Web services, and automatically extracts and stores metadata to allow for rapid search and sophisticated indexing. Users can publish audio/video files to UniSay hosted media servers for public access (streaming and download.)
  Managing UniSay services can be done 24-hours a day through any of the software applications. Placing an order is as easy as uploading a dialogue script and voice recording, then opening the processed file in one of UniSay�s software applications.
  UniSay AudioSuite plug-in for Avid and Pro Tools enables easy integration with existing postproduction environment.
  For volume projects, UniSay offers bulk pricing and custom integration services to ensure maximum efficiencies with each client's operations.