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UniSay Subtitler    
  UniSay Subtitler combines an automated Web service with client software to deliver a cost effective solution for professional quality Do It Yourself closed captioning and subtitling projects.
  Simply upload a dialogue transcript and audio/video file, add translation services if desired, then open the processed file into UniSay Subtitler software for fine-tuning.
  Use the UniSay Subtitler editor to quickly verify synchronization of text with audiovisuals, and to edit formatting of captions before export.
  Save your projects online, and make then conveniently accessible to be shared by other team members (translators, editors, etc.).
  Key Features
  • Speech to Text auto alignment
  • Automatically inserts time in and time out
  • Automatic formatting
  • Drag and drop editing
  • Translation
  • Online project management for global collaboration
  • No external hardware required
  • Playback of video files with subtitles in video pictures
  • Encodes closed captions in video file (AVI and QuickTime)
  • Dual language / Dual Channel encoding
  • Create closed caption master direct from any NLE (no hardware needed)
  • Support for all popular hardware (encoders, character generators, synchronizors)
  • Plays all windows media compatible media
  • Extensive editing abilities
  • No page limit
  • Accurate waveform display with zoom in/out
  • One click locating, positioning, and editing
  • Extensive search abilities
  • Instant reformatting (Framerate, rows, duration, position, style)
  • Local and external synchronization (SMPTE, MTC)
  • Intuitive interface with easy to follow guides
  • Full screen and quarter screen views
  • Fully scaleable from home to broadcast
  • Import existing caption files
  • Supports XML for interoperability
  • Free software with Pay-as-you-go services
  • No limit on software installations
  • Instant Return-On-Investment
  • No support fees