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  Q1: What do I need to get started?
  1. Download UniSay Subtitler software from website and install on a PC Windows machine. Open software.
  2. Register (click Login button).
  3. Have your transcript and audio/video file available for uploading to online service.
  4. For closed-captioning (Line 21) masters you'll need access to any standard nonlinear editor system (e.g. Avid, Final Cut Pro, etc.)
  Q2: How does it work?
  1. To create closed captioning and subtitling with UniSay, editors begin by uploading a transcript and audio/video file to the UniSay web service using subtitler.
  2. After the transcript and audio/video are processed, a new file is automatically created for synchronized dialogue and video.
  3. The new file can be opened in the Subtitler software to fine-tune.
  4. Any required language translation can be automatically processed and synchronized, ready for export to closed captioning or subtitling (including DVD and streaming). If multiple languages are needed, it requires only a single export process and is contained in a single file.
  5. Editors can then record a closed caption master direct from a NLE system.
  Q3: What else can I do with my project in Subtitler?
  1. Export file and use with existing captioning hardware.
  2. Print captioning text.
  3. Produce captioning for video streaming on Web.
  4. Export to DVD authoring program.